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Valco's Prayer Guide!
« on: August 21, 2011, 04:07:35 pm »
There are two ways to get 99 Prayer and they depend on whether you are a donator or not

if you are not then you get the slower way
to get 99 prayer, the fastest and easient way is dragon bones

so use PKing teleport to Green Dragons which are faster bones/hour but are more dangerous since they are in the wilderness
or you can use Monster tele to Taverly dungeon and use the tunnel to blue dragons
PS: dont forget anti-dragon shield!!!

if you are a donator then you can use go to donator zone and use the falador portal to barrelchests
barrel chests hit hard some times so get good armours and food
it drops lots of things but it drops 10 noted dragon bones alot of times so you can get 99 about 7x as fast as normal player (since it needs more time to kill) and you make lots of money from rares you get

after you collect enough Dragon bones go to edgeville(home) and use them on the altar north of the bank

each bone give you about 5700 experience so you need about 2287 dragon bones for 99

Hope this guide helps
Thank you
                                                                               -Valco 99

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