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« on: August 21, 2011, 03:52:45 pm »
I have some suggestions that i hope they make the server better!

First: monk store (only one just south of the general store)
overload(4) is available at the store for 1m
but mostly it has 0 left and it doesnt increase

the spirit shields:
they are all the same price... and thats 1b!
so its almost impossible to get any of them
Spirit shield: 50m
Blesses Spirit shield: 75m
Arcane Spirit shield: 130m
Spectral Spirit shield: 180m
Elysian Spirit shield: 250m
Divine Spirit shield: 300m

Second: add new stores

add dungeoneering armours and weapons in it
like novite till argonite (store 1)
and salve till soulbell (store 2)
and protoleather till gallileather + tangle gum till thigat with novite till argonite arrows (store 3)

and a new stores in donor zone and staff zone of armour from
katagon till promethium (store 1)
ecto till spirit bloom (store 2)
stegoleather till tyrannoleather+corpsethorn till grave creeper and katagon till promethium arrows (store 3)
and Chaotic weapons of course

while Celestial, Primal, and Sagittarian Armours and weapons are only spawnable (admin+)

third is Duradel:
Make him 100% working for points because that will encourage people to do slayer

Fourth is the Chest: Beside thieving stalls
remove the barrows gloves from it and add a new chest for the Culinaromancer chest so it is only available when you finish the minigame first and right now it has 0 stats on everything so fix that too

and can you add sgs and zgs to the chest too?

fifth is fancy dress shop:
can u add elegant clothes to it?

Rank Powers: I dont know what they are so i made this

-Donator: ability to use ::yell, go to donor zone, use donor tab, and when ::sit a throne appears
-Moderator: ability to use ::yell, and ::ban (4hrs), ::kick, and ::mute (8hrs) cant go to donator zone but can go to staff zone
-Helper: ability to do all mod+donor stuff and ::ban (10hrs), ::mute 2days, and ::bank
-Admin: can use all helper+donor+mod stuff and ::ipban, ::ipmute, ::item, and ::setlevel
-Owner can use anything!

make Staff zone as the Runecrafting Guild

add rc altars teleport tablets in shop

After completing gnome agility course add "tickets" after each lap and add a guy there who trades the tickets for rewards or agility xp

and make the ability to smith all ores into bars together not one at a time because it makes smithing so boring and long

add the store that it was beside the dragon pet trader
i meen add more pets

hope there are good Suggestions

thank you
                                                                          -Valco 99

if there are other suggestions you want pm me in forums and ill add them if they are good
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Re: Suggestions!
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2011, 07:30:36 pm »
I Do Like Thoose Suggestion
Nice Valco Keep It Up m8
And Nice Guides  :)
//Owner Null