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Valco's Slayer guide!
« on: August 20, 2011, 04:14:27 pm »
To start Slayer you much speak with Duradel to get a slayer task
Duradel is south-west from the thieving stalls
After you get a task simply teleport to the monster you were assigned to kill and kill the number you need then teleport home and get a new task... and repeat!

Here is a list of monsters in monster tele:

Rock Crabs:
Rock Crabs

Taverly Dungeon:
Blue Dragons
Baby Blue Dragons
Skeletons (invisible and unattackable)
Giant bats
Chaos Druids
Black Knights (invisible and unattackable)
Magic Axes
Chaos Dwarfs
Hill Giants
Dark beasts
Lesser Demons
Black dragons
Hell hounds
Black demons

Slayer Tower
Crawling hands
Infernal mages
Dust devils
Abyssal Demons

Brimhaven Dungeon
Iron Dragons
Steel Dragons
Lesser demons
Moss giants
Fire Giants

Hill Giants
Hill Giants

Also you might get Green dragons task which is in "PKing Teleport" (Green Dragons lvl 13 wildy)

to know how much kills left just click on the slayer skill tab and it will say how much kills left and of what monster

Hope this guide helps!
Thank you,
                                                                   -Valco 99

PS: I'll try to upgrade it and add images to it
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Re: Valco's Slayer guide!
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2011, 08:28:54 pm »
Very nice guide, this will surely help new players to slayer.
Keep it up.